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New Forest Biodiversity Forum - Small Grant Scheme

Application guidelines for the New Forest Biodiversity Forum - Small Grant Scheme are provided below.

  • The New Forest Biodiversity Forum - Small Grant Scheme aims to support relatively small funding requests (up to £5k) related to New Forest biodiversity and conservation.

  • The scheme will have up to £30k available per annum and will initially operate from 01 Jan 2024 to 31 Dec 2026; applications can be received at any time in this period.

  • Projects should include some of the following elements: biodiversity survey, monitoring, research, and recording, and/or conservation management actions to improve biodiversity.

  • Priority will be given to projects that seek to address known evidence gaps relating to New Forest biodiversity and conservation, and that have policy relevant outcomes.

  • Applications are encouraged to include innovative techniques and/or technologies, including ‘high-risk high-reward’ pilot projects that have potential for wider impact.

  • Applications where this small grant scheme builds upon or leverages other funding sources and/or volunteer time are particularly welcomed.

  • Applications can be submitted by both individuals and organisations, including those who may not have access to conventional grant funding schemes.

  • The Forum Chair is available for informal discussion with applicants about their project proposals prior to submitting any application (contact details below).

  • Applications will be assessed by the Forum Chair and Sponsors, normally with a turnaround time of a few days.

  • In some cases, additional input may be sought from Steering Group members, especially where additional technical or site-specific expertise is required.

  • Applications should be no longer than two sides of A4 including e.g. project rationale, methods, outputs, partners, co-funding, policy implications, and required resources. 

  • Successful applicants will be required to provide an end-of-year summary and will be invited to present their initial results at the annual New Forest Biodiversity Conference.

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